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  • Employer: North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC
  • Salary: $42,780.00 - $72,424.00 per year
  • Posting Closes: December 7, 2021


The Associate Registrar for Collections creates electronic and paper records for all objects entering the Museum’s collection and processes paperwork for objects which leave the Museum’s collection via deaccessioning. The Collections Registrar is additionally responsible for maintaining and updating curatorial and registration records for the more than 4,500 accessioned and un-accessioned objects in the collection and for assuring the integrity of the collection database (TMS).

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preparing all forms and records for new accessions and deaccessions, including IRS documentation.
  • Updating information accurately in the permanent collection paper files and in the TMS database.
  • Managing the Registration file room.
  • Serving as system administrator for the TMS database and consulting with software provider to affect necessary adjustments/improvements to the TMS system. Designs custom forms as needed and acts as liaison to staff users.
  • Keeping precise track of the location of every object in the Museum’s collection in the TMS database.
  • Performing monthly random inventories and with the assistance of art handlers, carry out a complete annual inventory.
  • Assisting as needed with rotations and special exhibitions.
    Generating loan agreements and receipts for new Inter-Agency loans and overseeing the renewal of existing Inter-Agency loans.
  • Providing annual documentation of collection and financial reports to the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.
  • Assisting with the collection portal on the Museum website and providing data for the Nazi Era Provenance Portal as needed.
  • Occasionally serving as courier for loans and performing condition inspections at the borrowing institution.
  • Proofreading printed materials regarding the collection for Museum publications.

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