CSI: Registrars

Each year, in conjunction with the Western Museums Association Annual Meeting, RC-WR organizes its members to volunteer their professional skills at one of the museums near where the meeting is being held.

This all-day event is known as “CSI: Registrars” (short for Collections Services Initiative).

We tend to volunteer at smaller museums, to help them catch up on projects such as: accessioning, cataloging, condition reporting, rehousing objects or any other work that would benefit from the help of trained professionals. See some of our past projects.

2022 CSI: Registrars:


We’re ready to resume CSI as an in-person event, and we’re doubling down on the museums we can help! Join us on Thursday, October 6th, for an all-day pre-WMA conference workshop to help support your fellow museums and collections professionals. Transportation and lunch will be provided. Email [email protected] for more information.

Let’s start a digitization project at  Clackamas County Historical Society!

The Clackamas County Historical Society has over 150,000 negatives to scan and correlate to the original Enterprise Courier newspaper books. While a one-day CSI: Registrars project will not finish this project, we can help them get started in the right direction with standard procedures for scanning, labelling, caption correlation, and negative rehousing. This newspaper featured photographs related to events of both local and national significance, and digitizing this material will enable the museum to make better use of their important collection!

Inventory and Rehousing at the Five Oaks Museum

With over 100,000 objects in a collection, we all know the significance of a collections inventory, and CSI: Registrars will be on hand to help solve the crisis of unfindable 3D artifacts at the Five Oaks Museum.  In addition to inventorying, we will take advantage of our team of trained registrars and collections professionals to help rehouse items as needed, and photograph artifacts to improve the museum’s records.

If you have an idea for a CSI project or work at a museum that could use our help, tell us about it.