Navigating New Media in Collections without Going Adrift

October 25, 2009 // San Diego, CA

Time-based media such as video art, sound sculptures, oral histories, and other recorded media have been entering our museums collections and exhibitions for decades. The care and management of these works continues to challenge registrars and collection preservationists around the world as media changes are tied to the continuous advancement of technology.

How do we preserve these works without compromising the artists’ intent? How to we, or should we, apply museum collection standards onto this migrating medium? Join your fellow registrars, collection managers, conservators, and media technical managers in an open dialogue as we discuss current issues, preservation advancements, and other challenging museum practices surrounding time-based artwork. Proposed speakers represent a range of collections managers/registrars as well as media specialists outside of institutions. This pre-conference workshop will cover a broad range of material and illuminate current challenges and viewpoints in this media/technological field.