« Back to all jobs The Native North American (NNA) Curator of Collections

  • Employer: Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Salary: $55,000 - $62,000 per year

The Native North American (NNA) Curator of Collections is responsible for the stewardship of NNA belongings within the OHS museum collection, including identification, research, cataloging, implementation of cultural care, NAGPRA compliance, and creation of appropriate storage/housing. In addition, the position will use a broad understanding of Oregon’s Tribal history and community to foster relationships and trust-building.


  1. Incorporate museum collection best-practices and cultural care for the NNA sub-collection-at least 5,275 belongings including basketry, stone artworks, and clothing from across the United States but concentrated on the PNW.
  2. Ensure NAGPRA compliance by identifying NAGPRA candidates through consultations, communicating respectfully with tribal communities, and working with supervisor to submit required documentation to the NPS NAGPRA office.
  3. Liaise with Oregon tribal community in addition to tribal communities from outside the state, to foster communication, collaboration and partnership, and trust.


  • Increase understanding of OHS’s NNA sub-collection by researching and identifying cultural and geographic affiliations of belongings.
  • Improve and manage NNA records in the museum collection database, Argus. Ensure all belongings have accurate database records, and ensure those that have been vetted and approved by tribal partners are added to the Museum Collection Portal.
  • Work within and outside the institution to better steward the NNA sub-collection through improved storage, cultural care, and adherence to legal and ethical standards. Results may include exhibit, loan, and increased transparency and communication with Native peoples.
  • Foster relationships with Oregon’s Native communities, with emphasis on cultural practitioners.
  • Together with supervisor, ensure NAGPRA compliance.
  • Records movement of objects within the OHS collection and provides accurate and timely reports as requested.
  • Reviews and organizes support materials for NNA belonging documentation including, but not limited to, accession records, staff files, exhibit files, and photographic files.
  • Responsible for handling museum objects during acquisition, retrieval, and storage with equal concern both for object and human safety and cultural care.
  • Works closely with peer collections staff (registrar and curator of collections) as well as museum curator and exhibit production staff.
  • Maintains punctual, regular, and predictable attendance.
  • Works collaboratively in a team environment with a spirit of cooperation with all OHS staff, volunteers, and interns/volunteers.
  • Displays excellent organizational and communication skills including presentation, persuasion, and negotiation skills required in working with vendors, coworkers, visitors, and volunteers, including the ability to communicate effectively and remain calm and courteous under pressure.
  • Respectfully takes direction from supervisor.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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