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  • Employer: Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, Indianapolis, IN
  • Salary: $40,000 - $45,000 per year

Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites:

The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites (ISMHS) is a statewide museum system with 12 locations, including a central museum based in Indianapolis. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for informal lifelong learning that connects the stories of real people, places, and things. Through the museum and its 11 historic sites, visitors are able to engage with the past and connect it to the present, carrying their newfound knowledge and experiences with them long after their visits end.

About the Job

As the Registrar, you will be responsible for the care, custody and control of all artifacts that are either the property of or have been loaned to the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites.

A Day in the Life

The essential functions of this role are as follows: 


  • Processes, prepares, organizes, and maintains all legal documents for which have been loaned to the Museum or Historic Sites
  • Documents all incoming and outgoing donations and loans, through written descriptions and photography
  • Communicates with donors, lenders, other museums, and the general public through written and oral communication
  • Prepares gift receipt and donor information forms for each artifact donated
  • Processes insurance claims for damage to artifacts on loan to the Museum
  • Supervise the movement (loading, unloading, and shipping) of artifacts
  • Ensure the legal ownership of accessioned artifacts is in a concise and timely manner
  • Ensure the accountability for the collections of the Indiana State Museum
  • Facilitate the use of the collections of the Indiana State Museum for research and exhibition by staff and the general public
  • Work with curators, conservators, and other staff to see that established procedures and policies are followed in the implementation of collection use
  • Assist curators in rotating artifacts on exhibit within the museum and the state historic sites
  • Develop and maintain training literature and programs for staff throughout the system, the state and non-state museum systems
  • Direct the work of other staff, volunteers, and interns working in the registration area
  • Assist in the goals of the division by helping with the development and implementation of exhibits and programs
  • Communicate with the general public to answer questions in regard to the museum and artif act care
  • Assist in the installation and de-insta llation of changing or temporary exhibits
  • Share knowledge of collections management expertise and specific knowledge of scientific and/or cultural merit with others through written articles, lectures, programs and media events
  • Share knowledge through membership and participation in the various museum organizations such as AAM, AIM, MMA, MRC, etc., or organizations related to their field of expertise

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