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  • Employer: Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA

The Skirball Cultural Center seeks an enthusiastic team player to serve as Project Registrar for a term of three years. Reporting directly to the Skirball Museum Registrar, the Project Registrar is responsible for managing a full inventory and digitization of the Museum collections, including a collection management system data clean-up and upgrade. Supervising a team of two to four employees, the Project Registrar will establish a daily plan for the full inventory of the Museum’s collection of 26,000 objects. The inventory includes updating tombstone information, assessing object condition, rehousing artifacts as necessary, photographing and/or scanning artifacts and corresponding object files, and updating the collections database. The Project Registrar will be responsible for training and supervising the Collections Technician and the Database Technician in their respective duties and will liaison with on-staff Registrars regularly to report progress in order to ensure the timely completion of overall project goals. This is an exempt, full-time position.

Essential Duties

  • Serve as the primary liaison between the Registrar, Collections Technician, and Database Technician.
  • Supervise and train the Collections Technician and Database Technician.
  • Establish a plan to inventory and digitize the Skirball Museum’s collections, in consultation with the Collections and Database Technicians.
  • Photograph and scan artifacts as Collections Technician pulls objects during the inventory process. Process images for inclusion in the Museum’s collections management database.
  • Become familiar with Argus database and Museum’s collections in order to train Database Technician and Collections Technician on database cleanup and collections inventory.
  • Generate report templates to track inventory and database cleanup progress.
  • Support Collections and Database Technicians with workflow, as needed.
  • Order supplies for inventory and rehousing project, as needed.
  • Regularly report to the Registrars with inventory and database cleanup progress updates.

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