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  • Employer: Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN
  • Salary: $33,228.00 per year
  • Posting Closes: December 07, 2021


Under general supervision, is responsible for professional museum conservation work of average difficulty and supervisory work of routine difficulty; and performs related work as required. An employee in this class consults with curators, registrars, and other professional staff in the storage and documentation of a museum collection in areas such as collection development, cataloging and registration, research, storage and maintenance, and other related matters.


  • Documents objects in the collection with the registrar; registers and assigns accession numbers to all objects in the collection; examines the condition of objects donated, on loan or exhibition, or purchased; notes any damage or defects to museum objects in documentation process and reports to appropriate museum staff.
  • Maintains records of storage, exhibit, and loan location of all objects in the museum collection; oversees computer inventory of the collection; assures assistants provide a brief description of the object, including its location, accession number, condition, and the value of the object.
  • Recommends procedures regarding the storage of artifacts; formulates temperature, moisture level, light level and other climate controlled matters for artifacts in storage facilities; establishes standards and procedures for case design, environmental control, material selection, transportation, treatment, installation, and handling of the collection for loan exhibition and storage; ensures that artifacts are stored in areas appropriate to their requirements for care and conservation.
  • Oversees shipping and handling of artifacts to and from other institutions; observes unpacking of objects to determine that damage or deterioration to object has not occurred; ensures objects are properly packed, shipped, and can be tracked at all times.
  • Consults with professional curators regarding the storage and maintenance of the museum collection; may assist in making additions to the collection through obtaining donations and cataloging special artifacts, assists in negotiating loans of artifacts from other institutions for special exhibits; participates in discussion of matters concerning exhibit displays; advises area museums, organizations, and the public concerning the treatment and exhibition of museum objects.
  • Prepares standard records and reports; writes reports noting condition of museum objects; writes loan agreements for artifacts on loan to other institutions indicating specific terms of agreement; writes grants proposals for the Tennessee State Museum; keeps time and attendance records.

When applying, reference the job listing for: MUSEUM ASSISTANT REGISTRAR – 11172021 – 24549

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