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  • Employer: Ohio History Connection, Columbus, OH
  • Salary: $39,000 - $41,600 per year


The Collections Management Department at the Ohio History Connection is hiring a Physical Control Team Lead to support a strategic initiative to build a new collections storage facility and move the museum collections of both the Ohio History Connection in Columbus and the National Afro American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce. The position is funded in by a temporary increase in operating support from the state for the fiscal years 2022 and 2023. The incumbent will be responsible for preparing history and natural history collections to move into a new facility starting in the spring/summer of 2023. The practices that guide their work must adhere to organizational standards for ethics, cultural responsiveness and equity. 

The Physical Control Team Lead will manage efforts of permanent and temporary staff, as well as external contractors, to increase physical control by verifying locations of cataloged objects, completing condition reports, photographing objects, printing and applying barcodes, performing basic cleaning, and securely packing or otherwise preparing objects and specimens. Once the building is completed, the incumbent will organize the move of and unloading of collections. The Team Lead will be in charge of selecting and ordering supplies and equipment. In addition, the person in the position shares responsibility for maintaining warehouse buildings with staff from other divisions and leads disaster preparedness and response efforts. Although the main focus will be on work in Columbus and Wilberforce, there may be times when the Team Lead needs to handle situations at other sites in the Ohio History Connection’s site network. 

 There will be a corresponding Intellectual Control Team Lead, who will work with curators and registrars on assessing collections and making recommendations for retention or deaccession. Members of the Intellectual Control Team will also add descriptive information and details on provenance to catalog records. The Physical Team Lead must collaborate effectively and communicate often with the Intellectual Team Lead. Both leads take direction from a Move Management Team consisting of the heads of the Collections Management and Curatorial departments and the Collections Manager of NAAMCC. 

 A work day for the Physical Control Team Lead will involve planning and implementing multiple narrowly defined projects (sprints) that are the building blocks of the larger project plan. Each month-long sprint will have a written charge documenting scope, responsibilities, expectations, deliverables and deadlines. Teams will be assembled for each sprint based on expertise, availability and project scope. Some project staff will switch between the Intellectual and Physical teams. Teams will work primarily in Columbus but will travel to Wilberforce an average of three days per month. 

 The Ohio History Connection is committed to diversifying its collections staff to bring myriad perspectives to the preservation and interpretation of Ohio’s history and culture. We seek candidates from communities currently underrepresented in our organization, including People of Color, American Indians and recent immigrants. It can be challenging for some candidates to earn the degrees or acquire the experience required for the position of Team Lead. Additional years of related work experience or additional related degree programs or trainings will be accepted in lieu of the degree or experience requirements. 

To apply, go to https://www.applicantpro.com/openings/ohiohistory/jobs/2061160/OH-Ohio/Columbus/Collections-Team-Lead.



Plan and implement narrowly focused, month-long projects to prepare collections to be moved. Supervise and coordinate the work of teams performing the following activities:

  • Use the CollectionSpace collections-management application (training provided). 
  • Verify locations of cataloged objects.
  • Label or relabel artifacts and objects.
  • Examine collections and complete condition reports.
  • Perform basic cleaning of objects.
  • Photograph objects using a point-and-shoot camera and upload photos to CollectionSpace.
  • Print and apply barcodes (training provided).
  • Use tools to assemble and disassemble furniture and shelving.
  • Securely pack or otherwise prepare objects and specimens.
  • Move boxes and objects of all sizes within and between buildings.
  • Drive or operate a pallet jack, forklift, scissor lift, gantry, box truck and cargo van.
  • Train and monitor work of temporary staff. Provide feedback to help them improve and expand their skills. 
  • Select and order supplies and equipment as needed. 
  • Track and report on progress and spending monthly.
  • Download datalogger readings monthly (training provided) and analyze trends yearly.  
  • Work with staff from other divisions to maintain warehouse buildings.
  • Lead disaster preparedness and response efforts.

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