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  • Employer: Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, TX
  • Salary: $42,000.00 - $47,000.00 per year


Reporting to the Curator, the Collections Manager & Registrar assumes responsibility for the following Museum functions: registration/collections management; exhibition preparation/installation; exhibition graphic design/production.  Apart from record keeping and maintaining archival systems they assist with loans, bequests, donations, acquisitions from individuals/organizations as well as the installation of exhibitions. This position entails helping design museum publications, interpretive text, and graphics. Curatorial opportunities will be a part of this position.


 Collections Management

  • Assumes responsibility for the care and maintenance of the ENAM permanent collection. Maintains records of accession, condition, location of objects and is responsible for the update and maintenance of the Collections Data Base – Past Perfect in accordance to museum standards.
  • Assumes responsibility for movement, packing/unpacking, shipping of objects on loan and in the permanent collection and ensures conformity to insurance regulations and best practices.
  • Accessions, catalogue and checks the condition of objects on loan or in the permanent collection.
  • Monitors humidity and temperature readings in the gallery and produces reports monthly.
  • Responds to inquiries and requests for information as directed by the Curator.
  • Creates and maintains orderly systems for the management of collections in keeping with standard museum practice.
  • Assumes responsibility for the numbering, cataloging and storing the museum’s collections as well as the training of volunteer support and interns to aid in these tasks.
  • Coordinates all aspects of borrowing and lending objects, including loan and gift documents upon request by the Executive Director or Curator.
  • Arranges for insurance of the collections and borrowed art work.
  • Produces documentary photographic digital prints of the collections and details of objects on loan or in the collections for the museum’s records.
  • Acts as Museum liaison with the Smithsonian and other individuals/organizations for loans, bequests, donations, acquisitions as directed by the Curator.
  • Oversees logistics for traveling exhibition produced by ENAM.
  • Provides current information on the collection, its location, status, and condition.
  • Records monthly spot checks of the collections and performs annual detailed full inventory of the collections.
  • Researches artists and documents art work copyright.
  • Sorts and files newspaper/magazine clippings pertaining to Museum and maintain archival closet.
  • Supervises staff cleaning of collections storage area and the periodic cleaning and condition of all outdoor sculpture.

Exhibition Preparation and Installation

  • With the Curator, prepares works of art and objects for exhibition.
  • Assists the Curator in the preparation, (de)installation, lighting and placement of all objects in exhibitions.
  • Trains and oversees volunteer prep crew in art handling and installation techniques and best practices.
  • Oversees all packing and unpacking of borrowed exhibitions materials and ensures proper documentation.
  • Arranges for shipping and insurance and shipping estimates for budgeting purposes.
  • Together with the Curator, prepares all purchase orders related to exhibit supplies and services for budget purposes.
  • Prepares cases, pedestals, and other components of exhibits.
  • Controls entry into and maintains record of entry and exit of all persons entering the collections storage vault.
  • Monitors all cleaning of the building in galleries or other areas where art is displayed.
  • Assists in creating and maintaining a storage plan for non-art items.
  • Supervises daily maintenance of and operation of all exhibitions, including audio-visual components and security checks of exhibited works.

Additional duties

  • Assumes responsibility for the design and production of gallery labels and signage.
  • Works on design of museum exhibition publications with Curator and/or ED.
  • Curatorial opportunities will be a part of this position.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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