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  • Employer: Kona Historical Society, Captain Cook, HI, USA
  • Salary: $48,000 -$50,000

Collections Manager: The Collections Manager provides the primary care, maintenance, and research of the historic structures and museum collections. Working in consultation and collaboration with key staff, such as the Executive Director, Program Director, assistants, technicians and others, the Collections Manager conceptualizes plans and administers collection projects, serves on a team for planning and implementation of exhibitions and house furnishing; and provides training and supervision of staff and volunteers working with the collections. This Manager also plays an important role in the development, administration, and implementation of grants and donations related to the collections. Reporting directly to the Executive Director, the Collections Manager should enjoy the care and management of museum collections, especially for a community-based non-profit museum and archive. Dedication to historical research, cultural context and communicating Kona’s unique sense of place is a critical requirement of this position. The ability to execute planned programs and collaborate with staff, volunteers and community stakeholders are a must. The candidate should have the ability to prioritize and organize multiple activities accurately and with attention to detail, working effectively under pressure to meet deadlines.

General responsibilities are as follows:

  • Develops and puts into practice appropriate collections management policies.
  • Updates collection management policies and forms.
  • Maintains curatorial procedures handbook.
  • Drafts and contributes to other policies relating to collections (i.e. safety and security policy, exhibitions policy, housekeeping policy, preservation plan, etc.) as part of the Collections Manual.
  • Ensures that records on incoming and outgoing loans and potential donations are kept current.
  • Ensures that routine security checks on historic buildings, and objects on exhibition and in storage take place. Identifies potential security problems or changes in condition and addresses issues as appropriate in consultation with Executive Director.
    • Supervises and/or performs object registration, accessioning and cataloging.
  • Takes in temporary donations of potential object donations with appropriate paperwork.
  • Research objects for provenance and significance
  • Proposes appropriate disposition of gifts, and if appropriate, recommends acceptance o Accessions or supervises accessioning, registration, and cataloging of objects
  • Maintains up-to-date inventory of all objects in collections.
  • Collaborates with other archive staff, including part time archivists, cultural historians, curators and librarians, when available and as appropriate.
    • Oversees and performs basic object care and conservation.

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