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  • Employer: Idaho State Historical Society, Boise, Idaho, USA
  • Salary: $25.10 per hour
  • Posting Closes: 09/24/2023

The Curatorial Registrar, with the working title of Capitol Curator & Museum Registrar, is assigned to manage the Capitol Curation Program as outlined in Idaho Statute (Title 67-1608 (4). The incumbent is responsible for the organization, management, and care of the Capitol Collection, and for managing, maintaining records of, and will also oversee and manage all permanent and temporary exhibits within the Capitol building. This position may also work on museum collections and exhibitions on an as needed basis.

Examples of Duties:

  • Preserve, manage, and protect the capitol building, and its historic collections and exhibits as outlined by Idaho Statute (Title 67-1608 (4).
  • Develop, manage, and maintain manual and computerized information of Capitol Collection records including creating, compiling, and maintaining legal documents, records, histories of use, physical histories, loan, conservation, condition, and publication records of permanent collections objects.
  • Organize, implement, and update inventories of the Capitol Collections held in the Capitol building and storage facility.
  • Work with the ISHS Executive Director, Museum Administrator, and Curator of Collections and Exhibitions to manage a budget for the operation of the Capitol Curation program.
  • Provide professional management and development of permanent, temporary, and special exhibits in the Idaho Statehouse, including providing information on artifacts available for exhibition, assisting in the preparation of interpretive text and label copy, and installation of exhibitions.
  • Work with Arts Commission, Capitol Commission, and ISHS to continue development the Capitol Changing Exhibitions Program.
  • Attend Capitol Commission and relevant sub-committee meetings.
  • Prepare reports for ISHS Executive Director and Capitol Commission members relevant to Capitol Commission meetings and inquiries.
  • Provide professional direction as to the proper care and preservation of the Capitol historic collection and building.
  • Provide professional support and direction regarding the Capitol collections and program, and serve as the liaison between agencies, committees, and the public about the historic collection, exhibits, and ongoing preservation of the Capitol building.
  • Serve as liaison to Visitor and Facilities Services staff (LSO) in support of the Capitol School Tours program.
  • Serve on the Idaho Day committee to create Idaho Day events and programs annually.
  • Develop and perform public programs related to the Capitol Curation Program, museum collections, and the vision, mission, and goals of the Idaho State Historical Society.
  • Facilitates care and control of capitol collections including access, environmental monitoring of capitol exhibit galleries and storage facility and preservation and conservation of artifacts.
  • Helps maintain museum’s collections and exhibits as necessary.
  • Facilitates collections volunteer/intern program including, training, scheduling, and supervising volunteers and interns.
  • Photograph, classify, register, and catalog Capitol and Museum collection artifacts.
  • In consultation with the Curator of Collections and Exhibitions and collections staff, develop and implement policies, procedures and forms for Museum and Capitol collections management, in alignment with the Agency’s strategic plan and in accordance with professional standards set by the American Association of Museums.
  • Work with Museum collections team to develop collections plan for Elected Officials and Legislative Leadership regarding state donations.
  • Explain Museum and Capitol Collection donation procedures to the public, agencies, and committees, and works directly with donors to facilitate legal transfer of ownership of objects. Verifies and collects pertinent information about historic artifacts for permanent records.
  • As part of Museum Collections Committee, determine objects to be added or deaccessioned to/from the permanent collection with respect to ISHS policies and mission.
  • Ensure artifacts are placed in appropriate collection, labeled, and marked for ease of identification.
  • Examine artifacts to determine and perform required actions for artifact preservation and appropriately prepare artifacts for exhibition and storage, as well as document all preservation and conservation performed.
  • Determine transportation and shipping needs for artifacts and appropriately prepare them for travel.
  • Research and purchase collections management equipment, supplies, and contracts for outside services as needed such as conservation, packing, crating, shipping, and photography.
  • Maintains knowledge of current museum practices and standards for the preservation and conservation of artifacts.
  • Provides logistical support to the Events & Rental Coordinator for on-site programming at the Capitol.
  • Provide support to agency public programs and outreach efforts as assigned.

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